Community Involvement

VALID - Have a Say Conference

Each year a group of senior students attend this national disability conference as both 'wait people' and activity supporters. Involvement in this student action group is hugely popular and the learnings are aligned closely with our commitment to inclusion and mutual respect.



Reconciliation Week

Each year Point Lonsdale Primary School hosts an afternoon of activities in collaboration with the 'Borough of Queenscliff Reconciliation Mob' around reconciliation and indigenous culture as part of our recognition of the importance of reconciliation.



Library and Facilities

Our library and other facilities are a community resource. The library opens at designated times and parents are welcome before or after school. Your child will require a library bag to protect books. If you have any spare time we have a group of library helpers who would appreciate any help with library tasks.



Cottage by the Sea

Throughout the year we develop activities to support the work of Cottage by the Sea. All age groups are involved to various degrees whether through visits, activity support or fundraising. Whenever possible we aim to share resources and access to activities. 



Place-Based Learning 


Place-based education is learning where you live. It connects students with their community and environment and promotes learning that is rooted in what is local - the unique environment, culture and history of our place.

  • Learning is hands on and often challenge based.
  • Students are encouraged to be creative and curious.
  • Students are encouraged to experience, appreciate, think about, and connect with the environment. 
  • Learning activities are based on real places, real life issues, and authentic tasks. Students are encouraged to investigate environmental problems and issues in "their own backyard".
  • Students are actively involved in hands on exploration and investigation.
  • Students are given opportunities to work in teams, think critically, solve problems, and reflect on their learning.


Butterfly Garden - Greening Australia

In conjunction with Greening Australia Point Lonsdale Primary School students are building a butterfly garden on the campus. The first stage of the project involves the planting of 500 different plants on the site. The project was funded primarily through Greening Australia and the sale of Entertainment Books, the proceeds of which were devoted in their entirety to the butterfly garden project, additional funding came from offers of assistance or donations from school families. The project plan can be found below.




Student Market

At least once a term the Junior School Council organises a student market. Students 3-6 are welcome to man a stall, tables are set up and family and friends flock to the school to partake of the student's hard work. Offerings include anything from food stuffs (both healthy, and not so healthy) to hand crafted pencil boxes, all made by the students. To further the ideas of Social Justice each student donates a percentage of their profits to a nominated charity.