What We Believe


Point Lonsdale Primary School aims to provide students with an education that supports them in becoming "smart" (academically capable, problem solving, critical thinking), socially competent and ethical human beings. In applying the effective schools model, we are all teachers, leaders and learners at various times and we want our students to be articulate and confident in their own capabilities as learners, leaders, and as 21st century citizens.


At all times we at Point Lonsdale Primary School are conscious that we are working within an "intergenerational space". We know that our students are 21st century learners and their preferred learning styles centre on the school experience being real, relevant, responsive to their needs and most importantly relational. The parent and teaching cohort often have a difference in their view of what school and the school experience is, so we need to be able to accomodate that whilst constantly reminding one and all that we are in fact teaching children for their future and not their parents or our own past. 



Tribes and Four Rooms of Change


Central to all levels of operation at Point Lonsdale Primary School are the Tribes and Four Rooms of Change processes. Tribes is for everyone and there is a very clear expectation that we all act and speak in a certain way, we have to walk the talk. The Tribes process and agreements of Personal Best, Appreciations/No Put Downs, Attentive Listening, Right to Pass and Mutual Respect are the foundation for a supportive and challenging learning community which welcomes all comers. In 2012 we continued our work piloting Four Rooms of Change (for Children) adding an additional layer of teaching designed to support students in their development of social and emotional learning and further enriching the culture of our school. The layering of Tribes and Four Rooms of Change has created a unique culture and community within the school, resulting in high levels of social integration and development among students, staff and parents, creating an environment in which students are not only happier, but also able to more confidently engage with the curriculum and their community.