Our Goal

Point Lonsdale Primary School aims to engage the whole school community in ensuring the healthy development of every child so that each has the knowledge, competency and resilience to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

In the adoption of the Tribes and Four Rooms of Change programs we set ourselves apart from other Primary Schools in Victoria, and indeed Australia. The Tribes and Four Rooms of Change programs provide a dynamic and fluid platform for achieving our overreaching goals. 

We are committed to our shared vision and foster it by:

  • Teaching & honoring the Tribes agreements: Appreciations/No Put Downs, Attentive Listening, Personal Best, Mutual Respect and Right to Pass.
  • Using the Four Rooms of Change theory to develop social and emotional language in students, so that they are able to articulate and describe their feelings about themselves and their world.
  • Maintaining a school culture that values individual differences, celebrates success and has high expectations of all students.
  • Encouraging leadership potential in all.
  • Focusing on individual learning styles and open ended problem solving to meet outcomes across the curriculum.
  • Adopting teaching styles and instructional strategies that empower students to make choices and value learning because it is connected to real situations.
  • Designing learning programs that are inclusive of the needs of all students in their quest to achieve personal best.
  • Utilising student focused approaches to assessment and reporting.
  • Providing opportunities for students and the community to work together on projects beyond the school ground.