Term 4 Updates

Term 4 is well and truly underway and the calendar is jam packed with end of year events. Please check the attached calendar so you and your family don’t miss out.

Report writing and assessments are always front and centre at this time of year for teachers, students and their parents. We were congratulated by the Review team on the accuracy of our students assessments and their alignment with external testing. Student data is critical in measuring both learning and well being and our efforts in building and maintaining school culture throughout the pandemic lockdowns was also commented on.

In 2023 our focus on literacy, numeracy and wellbeing of all will continue to be a focus alongside ‘new work’ in the area of student agency. Agency is about developing in our students, the skills to take greater control over their own learning and future goal setting. Watch this space to find out more about this work including our current self directed learning “trial”.

Huge thank you to staff and parents who have facilitated Early Years breakfasts, dinners and sleep over, Earth Ed and Marine Ambassadors events, clubs and other activities over the past month. We can certainly say students have given 100% and enjoyed each and every opportunity.

Transitions, class structures and staffing plans are all in progress. We will continue to run composite home groups in 2023.

Parents wishing to discuss placement (2023) issues relating to their child are encouraged to talk to Mrs A before November 30th. Please note these conversations are confidential and are not about teacher selection nor are they to be held with class teachers. All information from these discussions is considered when class groups are finalised.  

School Council has passed the parent payment policy and Booklist process for 2023. Please watch your child’s bag & Skoolbag. The COS Portal will be open for orders Monday Nov 14th. Please note COS will also be collecting payment for other school related start of year costs. Book Packs will be available for collection at school on Wednesday January 18th and Thursday 19th January 2023. (9am—4.30pm)

When we returned to school from lockdown in Term 4 last year our senior students got busy and organised a number of events to get us together. They were such a success that they now look set to be part of our yearly calendar.
Our end of year graduation tasks are all in planning with the Year 6 movie, baby photos, assembly and dinner all locked in.

We will be sending regular updates regarding events on Skoolbag so make sure your app is up to date.

Please remind anyone you know who is considering enrolling at PLPS in 2023 to make contact as this information is critical when planning classes and finalising staffing.

Don’t forget eye health checks will be conducted on Monday—not returned your note make sure we have it before testing begins.