Term 2 Updates

Term 2 signifies the end of semester 1 and the first reporting cycle completed.

Reports are being written, assessments moderated and most importantly 3 way interviews scheduled. The 3 way interview process allows our students to share and talk about their learning with their parents and teachers, set goals for semester 2 and celebrate their acheivements. These interviews are scheduled for the final week of term and are to be held during class time.

Our focus on literacy, numeracy and wellbeing of all is a constant focus as is our work in the area of student agency. Agency is about developing in our students, the skills to take greater control over their own learning and future goal setting.  We are seeing gains in student agency both in the design of research pieces, activities and their willingness to try new ways of presenting and participating across subject areas. Their contributions to 3 way interviews is agency in action.  

Term 2 is also the begining of the debating competition and this year we have 3 teams competing. These teams are in addition to a group that will be attending the Victorian Youth Parliament where they will contribute to a parliamentary style debate on the topic "that all contact sports for young people should be banned".

Cyber safety is a hot topic at present and in addition to discussing online safety with students we are currently in the process pf organising sessions with outside experts for parents and students. Watch this space and Audiri for updates.

Student health is important and we remind parents of the need to keep unwell children at home to stop the spread of the myriad colds and other bugs at this time of the year. We have had reported cases of COVID and, are conscious that we also have immuno compromised communtiy members, so please help us to keep everyone safe. If in doubt regarding exclusions or other health related advise please check the department health & family website as it is the most current available. 

In preparation for Term 3 check the calendar and make note of scheduled excursions, incursions and the swimming program. Please advises if your child will not be participating in swimming to better enable us to cost accurately.