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Dolphin Echo

The Dolphin Echo is our fortnightly newsletter to keep parents appraised of the current situation at the school. Issues are sent home with the students as they are released, or can be accessed here:

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Quick News - February 3 2017
Quick News - February 16 2017
Quick News - March 8 2017
Quick News - March 30 2017
Quick News - April 28 2017
Quick News - June 8 2017
Quick News - June 22 2017
Quick News - August 31 2017

Term 3


Quick News - August 3 2017
Quick News - September 14 2017
Quick News - October 19 2017



Quick News - November 02 2017
Quick News - December 07 2017


Monthly Market

As part of our fund raising endeavours we organise a monthly community market, which is held on the second Sunday each month in and around the School. We constantly need parents to assist with the running and organisation of these markets on a permanent or temporary basis. The market roster can be found here.

We also hold a distinct easter fundraising market on Easter Saturday, 30th March, 2013, from 9am to 2pm, this is by far the biggest and most exciting market of our school year with virtually every family in the school contributing towards the organisation and running. Our school oval is transformed into a sea of stalls, entertainment and people as easter holiday makers descend on the school, leaving behind their hard earned dollars.

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